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The Perfect Storm

When crime increases, so do victim counts. When we are talking deadly force incidents, every one of those numbers is a life. Every life affects an entire family and circle of friends.

We are seeing an increase of violent deadly force crime in the whole United States of America. The specific demographic I will refer to here is faith-based organizations.

I have been watching the most violent crimes associated with faith-based properties for over 20 years, cataloguing them into useful statistics to help organizations develop intentional readiness. Many trends have been identified, but here is a recent one.

If March 15th was the start of the nationwide shutdown, consider the 30 days following that shutdown. Starting March 15th, and ending April 15th, there were 11 deadly force incidents associated with faith-based properties in the U.S. Of those 11 incidents, there was only one victim who died. Others were seriously hurt, but only one died.

In the last 30 days (between 6/24 and 7/24) there were 20 deadly force incidents associated with faith-based organizations. Besides the quantity increase is the ferocity of the attacks. Those 20 attacks left 10 deceased victims (monitor https://fbsnamerica.com/deadly-force-history/  for the 10 most recent incidents at any time).

To illustrate why I use the term “associated with” FBO’s is due to the number of senior pastors through the years who kill or are killed off the property. In the recent 30-day period a senior pastor got angry at neighbors (over morals) and killed them both.

What is different between the two time periods? The biggest thing is the increasing level of anger and unrest. Here are some reasons for that;

  1. The far-reaching impact of continued COVID restrictions on a nation of free people (lack of work, financial desperation, abusers locked at home with their victims, fear and school is out)
  2. Anger associated with race riots and political division
  3. Law-enforcement forced out of law-enforcement

Add to these all the other unfixed problems (court leniency on repeat and violent offenders, drug and gang proliferation, juvenile delinquency and eroding moral values).


Think About it…

Violence at American faith-based organizations will increase in quantity and severity in coming months. It has already begun.

If you follow my writings, you know I try to encourage. But I also see disturbing trends and call attention when needed.

We are in the perfect storm for violence in churches.

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The numbers speak for themselves. Thank you Carl for bringing us this data. It is crucial we are armed with real facts.

For everyone else, it’s time to up your game. It CAN happen at your church. Stay focused.

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