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Moving Forward From Here

INTRO: Our friend Jimmy Meeks wrote this week’s TAI for us…

No one needs to be told about the chaos that has hit our country. Between the pandemic and the protesting, blood pressures are soaring.

Unfortunately, instead of offering viable solutions that could help, too many are prone to gripe, murmur, and point fingers.

I have no interest in that. I want to know what I can DO that will help bring some healing and peace.

And I think I know.

Let me make four suggestions as to what we, as disciples of Jesus, can DO RIGHT NOW…

PENITENT. To be penitent is to be repentant, contrite, sorry for our sin. And this can only happen when we are willing to allow God to search our hearts and reveal what WE are doing wrong — not what everyone else is doing wrong.

The pandemic shut down my seminars, but it also opened a door. It has forced me to get alone with God and allow Him to take me through the caverns of my heart. And I’ll tell you this: what I have seen is ugly. I find it difficult these days to even raise my head.

PRAYERFUL. When Paul told Timothy how to lead a church, the FIRST thing he told him was have the people pray for everyone, including those in authority. I read this verse for years, but some time ago I noticed a connection I had never seen. Paul said we pray for those in authority “that we might lead a quiet and peaceful life.” I then realized Prayers of the Saints can bring Peace on the Streets.

PATTERN. People have difficulty believing in what they cannot see. This is where you and I come in: we show them the “pattern.” Paul’s walk with Jesus was so real that he could tell the Philippian church, “Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do…” He set the pattern (example) of what Christ-like living looks like.

PARTICIPATE. This is a biggie, and the state and future of the country may hinge on it. We must participate in our community. By that I mean we must not just sit back and observe what is going on, but find the place where God wants us to get involved.

So, fellow believer, fellow sheepdog: Be truly penitent, pray with sincerity, establish a worthy pattern and participate in your community.

By Jimmy Meeks. https://www.sheepdogsafetytraining.com

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Hello Sheepdogs,

If you have not seen or heard this one, check out Fox News, “Florida man crashes into church, sets it on fire with parishioners inside, sheriff says “.
Takes all kinds. Be safe, stay healthy.


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