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I was 11 the first time I was pulled over by a cop. Driving with no license and it wasn’t my fault. True story.

I got my license the day I turned 14 and had my first wreck the next day. I got a ticket, but it wasn’t my fault (I didn’t cause the bad weather or the bad defroster). It was the first of many tickets, none of which I ever deserved.

Our twin sons were about 10 when I got a speeding ticket one day. As soon as we got home, they bailed out and snitched. “Mom! Dad got a ticket, yelled at the officer, wadded up the ticket and threw it on the floorboard in front of him!” Little tattletales.

By 37 years old, I had considerable disregard for cops getting quota’s off innocent people like me. I didn’t like their new cars and equipment either; while I was just trying to keep my old cars running and borrowing guns to hunt. I voted against any police funding on every ballot.

I said bad things about police (often to my brother in law-enforcement). I knew all the derogatory talking points.

When I was 37 however, myself and 3 others became hostages of an angry, unhinged gunman. It was volatile and seemed some of us might die.

At one point I looked behind me at the outside world that seemed so far away. As I looked out, a police officer stepped from behind cover with his rifle, nodded to me, then returned to his ready position.

With nothing but a nod from 30 yards away, he assured me he had the authority, training, tools and fortitude to make sure we would go home safely. He had our back.

With that simple nod, he changed my views on law-enforcement for the rest of my life.


Think About it.

We really don’t need them. Until of course, we need them. Then they will come.

They don’t know of the things you’ve said, disrespect you’ve had, animosity you held, or how often you voted against their funding.

They do know every day they may not go home that night, but they want you to.

In law-enforcement, like any demographic, there are bad apples. Do not build opinions on race, occupational fields or any other people group based on exceptions.

We salute you officers. Stay with us. We need you.

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