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Are You Ready?

I will never forget the news headline in Colorado papers the morning of 9/11/01; “Eddie McCaffery Breaks Leg.” We had watched the Denver Broncos play on Sunday 9/10/01 and saw that injury happen.

As Monday morning newspapers were being read however, far bigger news began to consume us as the awful reality of terrorist attacks in New York City and beyond began unfolding.

America was not ready.

American churches were not ready for attacks in their places either and still far too many remain unprepared.

On Sunday morning 11/5/2017 the title of this Think About It feature was “At The Bang.” It was focused on churches being ready for an attack. I had no idea that as the article would be read that day, a killer would come into the Sutherland Springs (TX) First Baptist Church and kill 26 defenseless worshippers in what would be the worst mass murder at a church in history.

Here are just a few of the things I told people that morning, in this recurring Think About It feature, before the attack happened. I was encouraging churches to develop and conduct a drill. It was chilling to read through that drill suggestion again on the back side of Sutherland Springs. Here are a few points I published that morning;

There is nothing like being “at the bang.”

It’s a Sunday morning service. It’s a very small sanctuary with a low (24” high +/-) stage at the front.

There are two “exit only” doors at the sides of the stage (both on the north side of the sanctuary), and two entry / exit doors at the entry (south) side of the small sanctuary.

The first shot … is at 10:18 AM – and far too loud to be even real.

The article went on to encourage churches to actually consider a real attack, with innocent people in a crowded room and how you might execute your counter-attack.


Think About it

Today is the 438th  Think About It article since the first one in 2011. I have been pleading with churches here, on this site, every Sunday for nine years to be ready.

Before this weekly article, I was traveling and speaking for years trying to get them to be ready.

Yet many continue to say, “It will never happen here.” Somebody will be wrong and it will happen there.

Are you ready, or are you consumed with trivial news?

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