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When you Have Eaten and are Full; Remember

Before launching the Faith Based Security Network, was New Life Church (12/9/2007). Before New Life Church was Focus on the Family (5/2/1996). Our life journeys are marked by major milestones. Some were personal experiences (as those above were for me). Many were not personal, but still significant to us.

Before Focus on the Family, there was the Oklahoma City bombing (4/19/1995). It changed my life and I didn’t even know it the time.

That morning, the news was a distant story to me. I had a General Contractor working in Dr. Dobson’s private office. I am sorry that the first words I spoke of the OKC bombing were in complete insolence. The GC told me his glass sub-contractor was late. I joked, “maybe he got called to Oklahoma City.” The contractor chuckled; I knew immediately it was wrong.

That night, as I watched the news, it began to sink in just how wrong it was. As I watched, I became broken.

Within a few days, I was working with a committee to use lessons learned from OKC to evaluate our readiness at the ministry. A few weeks later, I joined ASIS in my efforts to further my understanding of emergency readiness.

At one of the first ASIS luncheons I attended, we had a speaker from OKC; a paramedic who had worked the scene. I will never forget how he was just doing his job all day, but towards the end of that awful Wednesday, saw a little girl’s leg uncovered by the death blanket over her. Her little tennis shoe was just like the ones on his little girl’s feet, safe at home. That is when the awful reality hit him.

We made our readiness improvements at the ministry. A year later we were tested in our hostage situation. We would have not been ready that day, had we not paid attention to OKC.


Think About it

It’s hard to believe the OKC attack was 25 years ago. A quarter of a century in our past.

The hate and horror brooding in unstable, misguided, and often just plain evil people has remained a very real threat throughout history. There’s an endless well of them gurgling to the surface.

Many people (most people) forget things like OKC.

When you have eaten and are full; remember.[i]

[i] Deuteronomy 8: 10-18


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My name is Dayle Hammock. You and I have met several times over the years. I attended your first conference
in Colorado Springs which was held at the New Life Church. Additionally, I visited with you at your seminar in
Omaha when Dave Grossman also presented. You have my great praise (and prayers) for continuing your service
to God and the members of church security community throughout our country.

In going over your email / website I didn’t find a specific category for my membership qualifications. I am a retired
law enforcement officer with credentials. I also have been training church security personnel since 2007 and
am a registered South Dakota LLC under the name of Ten-Thirty-Two Services. Additionally, I am an NRA Training
Counselor (one of two in South Dakota) and routinely teach basic NRA classes as well as all NRA instructor
disciplines, mostly in SD, Nebraska and Wyoming. In all of my contacts with churches I encourage that a minimum
of two security team members become NRA Instructors so that they can maintain periodic training for their teams.
I am an adjunct Firearms Instructor for SD Law Enforcement Training Academy. In my home town of Spearfish, SD
I regularly attend a small Wesleyan church (about 200 +/- attendees weekly prior to the Coved-19 virus situation).
Although I have not convinced our elders to formalize a security program, I routinely, informally perform security
on Sundays for both services. I have also recruited and trained several other members that informally participate
in our Sunday security efforts. And, I am a legislator in our South Dakota State House of Representatives and
diligently work on legislation that protects our firearms freedoms (as well as right to life) including our ability to
carry in our churches, and especially in our faith based schools. (Just a side note, in our legislature environment
I am “the gun guy” – the “go to person” to consult with regarding practical application of firearms laws, permit
training and protection of our Second Amendment rights. During our 2019 session we passed Constitutional Carry
AND Carry in the Capital. During our 2020 session I taught Carry in the Capital Safety Classes and two concealed
carry permit classes for legislators).

So, with all of the above said, would it be prudent for FBSN to include retired law enforcement officers, NRA or other
nationally recognized and certified trainers, and other persons (like legislators that have a documented record of
supporting firearms rights legislation) as members of FBSN.

I would love to know your thoughts on the best method and appropriate category to include a person that is not
active law enforcement but has such a verifiable background, or has unique skills and training to support church
security programs (although such programs may not be formalized). Of course, it is important for such individuals
to have not only personal convictions and beliefs about serving our church security needs, and more importantly,
serving our God.


Dayle Hammock

Please reply to me either by email or by phone –


Thank you not only for your kind words and interest, but especially for your years of continued service to your community. What a remarkable and worthy investment you have made. THANK YOU.

The FBSN set up a membership category of FBA (Faith-Based Associate) in our by-laws to be rolled out some day. As we have gotten many notes in the last two years from folks just like you, we are considering how we can work you and others like you into an FBA membership. You are correct in that there is no category for folks like you yet.

But we hear you (and many like you). We talked about your specific letter in a meeting just yesterday with existing members. They understand the many really good people who are interested in this topic, but do not serve outside of doing so through a business approach. While the answer remains “not yet” please understand we hear you and are keeping the FBA type memberships in our discussions.

But please also understand how difficult that will be for the forum. As it is, members in the forum know everyone else in the forum has been vetted to either be currently certified in law-enforcement or actually serving in a faith-based safety or security operation. We will have to be very careful how we define any open gate beyond that. For now, we continue focusing on the effectiveness of the FBSN to currently defined members.

But you are not forgotten in future talks and considerations.

Thank you again, and do please keep up your great work and stay connected with me.

By the way Dayle, in reading that your church leadership just hasn’t approved it yet, that is really the only small hurdle for you to cross. If you focus your current efforts on getting them to move across that line, you will qualify.

Write me personally at cdchinn@msn.com and I will give you the names of some Wesleyan church leaders who promote intentional security. One in particular is a leader of a new rural focused Wesleyan group that trains many such churches (not in security, but in church management and one of the things they focus on is getting church leaders to embrace intentional readiness — it is actually Wesleyan leaders doing this).

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