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Redemption & Transition

1969 – 1979 were significant years to me. Unknowingly, I was experiencing things that shaped my life-views.

Television was not casual in our home; it was scheduled. Aside from morning news while eating breakfast, the TV didn’t come on till the sun set; then only for specific things.

Most significant was the nightly news. I’ve vivid memories of Mom & Dad on the couch silently watching to see if the DMZ area between North & South Vietnam would be listed as the heaviest fighting for that day. It often was. That’s where my brother was.

Other regular programs were the Johnny Cash Show, Gunsmoke and Hee Haw.

In one episode of Hee Haw, Minnie Pearl told Grandpa Jones, “A feller just told me I looked like a breath of fresh Spring air.” Skeptical, Jones asked if that was really what the man said. She admitted it wasn’t exactly what he said, but she knew what he meant when he’d said she looked like she’d, “been through a long hard winter.”

My brother came home. Many of his friends did not. The Johnny Cash Show got cancelled, but I got an 8-track player for my truck. My hair grew long. Dad and I had hard times where we didn’t like each other much. I did things I’m not proud of. But I met my wife, got married, had children and became a Christian at the end of those years.


Think About it.

We’ve been through a long hard winter. It’s been a hard 10 years these last few months; political strife followed by pandemic. Hard times sparked squabbles and split friendships.

Most of you will not get to worship on Easter as you would like. Complain to the Christians in Iraq, Iran, Syria or Pakistan where they seldom get to worship as they want, when they want.

Where there was snow just a week ago, I now see some green. There will be more snow, and it will get down to 14o here again next week. As I wrote this, my emergency phone alert went off warning me to stay home until April 26th. We aren’t completely out of the woods, but Spring is coming. The days are getting longer. Transition.

Remember the true meaning of Easter. It’s not about pretty dresses and record attendance. It’s about redemption.

You are redeemed. You are a breath of fresh spring air.

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This good Carl! Yes winters can be long but spring will always come for those who endure and survive!

Thank you Vernon. Deana and I drove to McDonald’s this AM for coffee and breakfast through from the drive-through (electricity was out at home due to the wind). Our idea was to listen to an Easter message on the radio and watch the sunrise. Couldn’t see the sunrise for the clouds, but it was still there. Note to self.

Carl, Another TAI well done. On this blessed day may everyone out have as good of an Easter as possible. Don’t let your guard down because the incidences continue. Watch the churches and the schools as the somewhat become empty buildings become targets. Desperation. Keep them safe and yourself.

Well said Tom!

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