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See the Children

As news rolled out the afternoon of 2/13/20 concerning the discovery of little Faye Swetlik’s body, I couldn’t get her picture out of my mind. It had nothing to do with a church, but it was a child. As Valentine’s Day dawned, little Faye got no candy kisses. She never saw the Valentine cards the rest of her 1st grade class made for her anticipating her safe return.

I sat and looked at her picture for way too long early the next morning as I thought of the innocent life of a happy little girl cut short by evil.

Faye Swetlik                                                               Kayla Gomez-Orcozco

I remembered Bullard Texas, where on 11/1/16, a similar story emerged. Spanish-speaking Templo de Restauracion Apostolico rented the Bullard Assembly of God Church for that Tuesday night bible study.

Services had ended and the congregation was milling around the lobby. Children were walking around their parents and other children, and everything seemed normal. But the mother of 10-year-old Kayla Gomez-Orcozco suddenly couldn’t see Kayla. She was just gone.

As with Faye, a frantic search followed. As with Faye, Kayla’s little body was found a few days later.

Kayla’s 24-year-old uncle had walked to his pickup truck after the service with his own 3-year-old daughter and Kayla walking with them. He drove off with Kayla in the truck.

She was never seen alive again.


Think about it,

You won’t know everyone walking to their cars after a service at a big church. In Kayla’s case, at a small church, one may have even known them and thought nothing of it. But eye contact with the adults leaving, a visual scan of the children around them, and a mental note of that scene goes a long way.

It is impossible to stop every adult walking away from church, or anywhere else with children. That eye contact and obvious intentional observance of the children with them can be enough to alter sinister plans. That look says, “I see you and I see them.” That’s often all you can do.

Look at those eyes and smiles of Faye and Kayla. Set your mind to protect ones like them at your church, in your neighborhood and as you move through life.

Matthew 18:10 confirms angelic priority of children. Those children’s angels see the face of God. You have assistance in their protection.

Do your part with conviction; see them.

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