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A Special Request.

Since giving my life to Christ in 1978, and discovery through my personal bible study after, I recognized a mandate to share encouragement and perspective. As life experiences unfolded, the specific arena I was called to devote myself to became clear; faith-based security.

I believe every faith-based organization, be it a church of seven on Sunday or a bible-based outreach operating in every nation, should be intentional about the security of their people. Many of you are doing that and getting better at it every year. I try to encourage or share perspective with you each week through these Think About It (TAI) articles.

I don’t remember what year I first sent an e-mail to my fellow team members at New Life Church titled, “Think About It.” After months of doing it on a periodic basis, I quit for a long time.

Then I got an e-mail from one of my old team-mates (who is now the director of security at New Life Church) expressing his disappointment on how I had stopped sending those TAI’s. He told me they meant something to him and the team and asked that I begin again.

I had a website and had spoken in many states by then. There was a developing network of church security contacts. I started again but shared it with all my readers through the website. I didn’t know how long I could write a new TAI for every week but decided to give it a try.

That was 2011. In fact, the 2nd TAI published was on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

So, each week I try to write something to encourage or share perspective with you who are on the front lines of protecting the flock. I have heard from many of you that you share this with your team each weekend, or that you read them for your own journey. Thank you.

I have struggled significantly with this week’s TAI. It is the 416th TAI and I have never before asked for anything. I never wanted to ask for help, and don’t want to now. But the FBSN could use your help during this season.

Please consider what all the FBSN is doing. Have the deadly force incident statistics helped you? Has the Think About It helped at times?

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Would you Think About It?

Thank you!

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My is Scott T. McKinney, Director of Safety and Security for Indian Creek Christian Church in Indianapolis, In. I would like to start a chapter in Indiana and I am very serious about speaking with someone about it. I have served as the President and many more positions on the state board of School Resource Officers (INSROA.org). I helped with implementation and helped it grow. I have prayed about this and feel like God is leading me in this direction. I would love to meet with one of you to figure out where to go next.

Thank you and in HIS name,

ICCC Safety & Security Director
Scott T. McKinney
(317) 438-0689

Scott, I will call you this week.

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