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Scriptural value was a way of life in my parent’s home. I grew up hearing them discuss politics, but never heard them argue politics (or anything else for that matter).

I didn’t know until years after I left home; Dad was a democrat and Mom a republican. In 1996 my brother asked Dad if he was going to switch parties to vote for him in the republican primary for Sheriff. I said, “Dad is a republican.” They looked at me like I had three heads. Everyone knew but me.

They valued all humanity; in the womb or in a union. Everything was measured first morally, then by other means. Sometimes, they voted for the same President (Carter and Reagan). Sometimes they voted different, but each President elected was their President and honored as such unless they failed. Both Kennedy and Nixon were failed leaders in their book.

Our nation is entering another political season. There are some good models for us from Mom & Dad. We can hold the high ground through this season and even model some things for those around us.

Don’t say, “If he gets elected, I’m moving to the moon.” No, you won’t. I would rather live next to democrats (policies of which I do not normally agree with) in America than anywhere else in the world next to republicans (whose policies I would normally agree with).

It’s not that we should be weak on policy, in fact we should be passionate on policy. But challenge statements without discrediting the statesman. Few people are as good as hype makes them out to be; fewer still are as bad. Good people have awful ideas and vice versa. Tired of being a nation divided? Fix that in the 36” diameter around your own lips.

Develop good friendships with those on the other end of the spectrum from yourself. If Biden stickers send you into road rage, you need some good liberal friends. If red Maga hats do that, you need some good conservative friends.


Think About it

Be solid in your moral views while at the same time being thick-skinned.

Be passionate on policy, but not at the cost of disregarding those who see it differently.

Work well with others as you focus on our task at hand; protecting people and getting better at it every day. Don’t get pulled off focus.

You just might defuse some things without even knowing you did.

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Carl this is so good and a message America needs to hear! We need to stand for values in America now more than ever!

Thank you Vernon. You know this story first hand and caught the many lessons passed in our home yourself. Once in a while I bring glimpses of our parents to the readers. What an honor to grow up in the home of the some of the best of the Greatest Generation.

Thank you Carl. Great perspective.

Thank you Allen. Our nation is praying for your wounded officer. Stay the course my friend.

Thank you Carl. I think we can all use a little more calm and patience with the people around us. Thank you GOD for being patient with me.

Thank you Carl for your words. They have provided the inspiration we all need to take advantage of. Your bulletin to all members earlier today was extremely articulate and written from your heart. Our mission is quite straightforward and we all must stay-the-course. You are a gifted and genuine leader who possesses the passion for our continued success. God Bless.

Thank you Steve for all your effective work, and for your kind words.

Amen Carl, I cannot remember a time when the Nation has been so divided with what is nothing but hatred…when we act as such we’re letting Satan win…

Nicely put Carl. Too many people loose perspective on these issues and we are encouraged by a partisan media that makes its money in marketing off of controversy to the thin skinned who react emotionally to their latest tease….

Carl, Will you be holding training in the Kansas area any time soon. Either yourself or your brother Vernon as I still live in Pratt and preach occasionally around the State of Kansas. Blessings,

I just spoke in Marysville, KS a week ago. I would love to do another Pratt, Wichita, Dodge City, Great Bend, Hutchinson or other area meeting. If you can get some interest going in any of those areas let me know. Marysville was teh last one I had scheduled.

For that matter — anywhere in Kansas!

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