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GSX 2019 (Products)

ASIS International is the largest membership association of security professionals in the world. With 34,000 members in over 125 countries around the world, it is powerful.

I attend the ASIS annual convention (Global Security Exchange, or GSX) at least every other year. This year it was in Chicago. It will take two weeks to give a decent report.

This week, I will focus on the trade floor; companies unveiling their latest products for the coming year. Next week I will give you the top points of some of the educational sessions I attended.

The trade floor had over 500 vendors. I visit those with products relative to church security operations. I am reporting my top three for this year.

MADICO Safetyshield. Madico is a 115-year-old American manufacturer that introduced window films in 1948. By 1984 they were producing safety film coverings and have been improving the bullet and blast resistance of their products ever since.

Their film is available in 3 different thickness’s (7, 8 and 15 mil). It is available for installation from hundreds of glass shops across the country with degrees of strength and tint options.


SABRE. I spent a lot of time at their booth. In addition to their various options of spray protection, they also lead in innovation.

I would have taken pictures of their newest innovation had I known it is not yet on their website. Pepper bombs launched from handheld devices have been appearing on the market recently. Sabre’s versions were unveiled at GSX this year; magazine fed, semi-auto handgun and A/R style launchers taking projected pepper to all new levels. This is going to be a gamechanger for church security where firearms are not allowed.

www.sabrered.com (you won’t find these latest products there just yet, but watch for it…).

COMPLIANT TECHNOLOGIES. Perhaps the most innovative thing I witnessed this year is primarily for law-enforcement and correctional facilities. I see a place for the product however with serious church security operations.

The product is the G.L.O.V.E. (Generated Low Output Voltage Emitter); an ESD device built into a glove.

It’s like having Benny Hinn, Zeus and Thor all grab your arm at once. You will go down, and you will be compliant. Then just as soon as the cuffs are on, you’re fine.


See Carl Chinn get compliant with the Glove… https://youtu.be/uc68jSxRTZE

Think About it…

September 15th is a stark reminder of why this is so important. Two of the worst attacks at American churches came on this day: On 9/15/63 four were killed by a bomb at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham Alabama. On 9/15/99 Seven were killed by a gunman at Wedgewood Baptist Church in Ft. Worth Texas.

Remember those victims and others this week.




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