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Do Something!

In the movie,Walk the Line, the scene of Johnny Cash’s brother (Jack) dying was gripping. Cash was a little boy watching Jack die in front of his parents and the doctor. “Do Something!” the sobbing young Cash cried out.

The adults in the room knew better.

Those involved in the Do Something campaign today are like the deeply hurt, but clueless young Cash.

There are things we can do to fight crime. If nothing could be done, I would go back to construction. I do what I do because things can be done. Wailing “Do Something” is little more than emotions and political posturing.

On the other side are Trump’s 5 points;

  1. Do a better job of identifying and acting on early warning signs.
  2. Stop the ‘glorification of violence’ in our Society.
  3. Reform our mental health laws to better identify mentally disturbed individuals who may commit acts of violence.
  4. (Make sure) … those judged to pose a grave risk to public safety do not have access to firearms.
  5. Department of Justice to propose legislation ensuring that those who commit hate crimes and mass murders face the death penalty.


Think About it

I’m not necessarily opposed to any of those five. Every one of them will take a lot of work. Laws strip freedom from those who commit crime, while ensuring freedom for the law-abiding. Therefore laws to prevent crime are tougher to define and enforce than laws to penalize for crimes done.

Consider two solutions;

  1. Enforce the laws we already have. Courts are overcrowded and ineffective because of plea bargains, leniency and the revolving door of crime. Law-abiding people pay for the system while criminals play the system. We keep adding new laws that will not be enforced any more than existing ones are.
  2. Empower citizens and businesses to protect themselves. No matter what laws are created, criminals are criminals. They will keep coming.

Walmart (like many corporations) uses active shooter video training for employees. There are no drills, and security is not even allowed (or equipped) to intervene shoplifting. Employees are taught three things: 1) avoid danger, 2) maintain distance and 3) defend (emphasized as a last resort).

Walmart policy is based on legal risk (law-abiding entities pay the system while criminals play the system).

We should do something. Enforce, train and drill.

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Carl;….What do you think about this: https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-08-11-deep-state-cia-help-orchestrate-el-paso-massacre.html

I get these all the time from friends, of which I am in many circles in the gun community…….Can this be possible?.
…..When I see the likes of Clapper & Brennan (former CIA heads) on CNN lying their butts off about the President, I might believe the above…
….Thank you for all your write-ups on things to watch……bobh

I don’t think there is much credibility in the story there. Sorry if you disagree, but it looks like a typical conspiracy theorist to me. I don’t give them any more attention than I do extremists of any flavor (which is “0”).

….Sure, but who would have believed that during Obama’s time in office, that his DOJ would have had the ATF buy & acquire all kinds of firearms, given incentives to gun dealers near the Mexican border, to sell & distribute up to 2,000 firearms to the many drug cartels, in order to cause killings & mass disorder along our border, so that the American population would demand new Gun Control legislation in Congress & thru-out the land…..(Conspiracy story?)

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