2019 August

25 Aug: Youth Awareness

The children of Florida detective James Parmenter were raised in a culture of situational awareness. In 1978, 14-year-old Leslie was walking through a parking lot, when a man pulled up in a white van claiming to be concerned for her safety. Not only was she not persuaded, but her brother Danny observed as he drove across that parking lot to her. Getting her into his truck he questioned the man and recorded his vehicle information and license plate. That information was critical in ending the era of Ted Bundy. The importance of children was a new thing introduced by Christ. During His time on earth, children were practically shunned by adults. They were expected to grow into and earn respect. When the disciples rebuked people for bringing their children to Him (Luke 18:15), their actions were consistent with their culture. Jesus shattered another paradigm, moving counter-culture when He welcomed the…

18 Aug: Alaska!

Please forgive me this week as I take a week off from the Sunday posts. My wife and I are experiencing Alaska. Henry Gannett, the Chief Geographer United States Geological Survey wrote in 1879; There is one word of advice and caution to be given those intending to visit Alaska for pleasure, for sight seeing. If you are old, go by all means; but if you are young, stay away until you grow older. The scenery of Alaska is so much grander than anything else of the kind in the world that, once beheld, all other scenery becomes flat and insipid. It is not well to dull one’s capacity for such enjoyment by seeing the finest first. I love Alaska.

11 Aug: Do Something!

In the movie,Walk the Line, the scene of Johnny Cash’s brother (Jack) dying was gripping. Cash was a little boy watching Jack die in front of his parents and the doctor. “Do Something!” the sobbing young Cash cried out. The adults in the room knew better. Those involved in the Do Something campaign today are like the deeply hurt, but clueless young Cash. There are things we can do to fight crime. If nothing could be done, I would go back to construction. I do what I do because things can be done. Wailing “Do Something” is little more than emotions and political posturing. On the other side are Trump’s 5 points; Do a better job of identifying and acting on early warning signs. Stop the ‘glorification of violence’ in our Society. Reform our mental health laws to better identify mentally disturbed individuals who may commit acts of violence. (Make…