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Highlights of SOS 2019

On 7/27/19, the Faith-Based Security Network’s, Security Operations Summit (SOS 2019) concluded. 234 people from 29 states came together to learn, share and connect. Following are two of my personal takeaways each from some of the speakers;

James Friedman. Senior Pastor of Eastpointe (MI) Baptist Church.

ONE: Pastors, appoint a team and develop a program. There is a balance of tactical and spiritual.

TWO: You will never change what you tolerate.

Charl van Wyk: Missionary from South Africa.

ONE: After returning fire with a .38 revolver (in the sanctuary where 4 had just come in shooting AK-47’s and throwing hand-grenades) the terrorists ran. They would learn later that the terrorists had petrol bombs they had planned to use to burn the church down and kill everyone. Though 11 died, much more carnage was averted due to a congregant with a gun.

TWO: Among many who complained that Charl had used his gun in church, were those who threw out the scripture, “vengeance is mine, the Lord will repay.” His actions weren’t vengeance, they were defense.

Laura Carno. Director of Faster Colorado.

ONE: FASTER stands for Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response. One of their biggest challenges is busting myths.

TWO: A huge myth is that nobody but certified law enforcement can carry a gun in a school. It’s even a federal offense! Neither point is true in 32 states.

Donald Hawkins. FBSN Board Member.

ONE: Without a plan, you have already failed. But no plan survives first contact. Modify as needed.

TWO: The plan applies regardless of the situation. Was in a service once where Steven Curtis Chapman was performing. A tornado warning was announced; the church security folks took over. Everyone was evacuated to designated safety areas.

BOB KLAMSER: Crisis Consulting International.

ONE: Only religion drives attackers to blow themselves up. Environmental, animal rights and other ideology terrorists don’t wear suicide vests. Those who claim our war isn’t spiritual have their heads in the sand.

TWO: Our enemies watch how we train and they adapt their attacks accordingly.

GREG STEVENS: Garland (TX) Police Department (Retired).

ONE: Train like your life depends on it.

TWO: You don’t choose the moment; the moment chooses you.


Think About it …

I can do no justice by trying to write what we all heard. Plan now to attend next year’s Summit. It will be the last weekend in July.

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