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Involuntary Celibacy (INCEL)

Some of us were discussing the recently released National Threat Assessment Center (2019), Mass Attacks in Public Spaces – 2018, by U.S. Secret Service, Department of Homeland Security.

The study defines mass attack as when, “three or more persons were harmed – were carried out in public spaces.” Houses of Worship were one of the five environments specifically listed.

In 2018, the study said, nearly one-third of the attackers “appeared to have subscribed to a belief system that has previously been associated with violence.” It singled out one of those beliefs, “Incels, or involuntarily celibates, are members of an Internet-based subculture of heterosexual males who view themselves as undesirable to females and therefore unable to establish romantic or sexual relationships to which they feel entitled.”

The New Life killer was angry at Christianity about the doctrine of abstinence. He turned 24-years-old on Wednesday before he started killing that Sunday. By all indications (in his own writings, of which I have 58 pages) he was still a virgin. He wasn’t alone in his anger.

I recently read the book, “Shooter Down!: The Dramatic, Untold Story of the Police Response to the Virginia Tech Massacre.” I recommend it. The Incel thing defined that killer.

There is no more direct example of incel than the 2014 Isla Vista killings. That killer’s self-video is educational for security professionals. See it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zExDivIW4FM

I recalled another troublemaker on the radar for some time in our area. I told many that he was going to kill someone someday. Then he did. He killed his own roommate in what a grand jury ruled “self-defense.” He got by with that one.

His primary anger was at churches and ministries that taught abstinence. He blamed specific Colorado Springs ministries for his inability to have sex.

Incel has become a movement to these people. There is a social media sub-culture where they rally together and feed off each others’ woes. Picture a KKK meeting of radicals angry over the things they hate. That’s what happens when you put a bunch like this in a room with a common gripe.

The internet is the new room where they frenzy each other up.

Think about it

You have some in your town, probably in your church, who are somewhere on the spectrum of this belief system. For that matter, our big area threat left. Maybe he’s in your town now.

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