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A Pervasive Pattern of Abuse

There is an epidemic of moral failure in ministries; a pervasive pattern of abuse across all denominations. Following is a sample of recent cases.

Southern Baptist. A 22-year-old youth leader drove his 17-year-old student home but parked along the way for oral sex. 20 years later he admitted it to the congregation he pastored at, asked for forgiveness and got a standing ovation. While this story first broke in January of 2018, the recent news is of that victim, now a grown woman, fighting for change. Jules Woodson now works for “Such a Time as This.” FSATAT pushes for change in the Southern Baptist Convention on how it deals with credible charges of abuse. This man had been moved and promoted through the years, though SBC leaders knew of the incident. He only asked for public forgiveness after the victim posted about it.

Nontrinitarian Restorationist. The self-proclaimed senior apostle of La Luz del Mundo, (the largest church in Mexico, claiming over 2,000,000 congregants in 50 countries) has been arrested. Authorities in Los Angeles (home to many of the churches) arrested Naasón Joaquín García and 3 co-defendants on suspicions of child rape, statutory rape, molestation, human trafficking, child pornography and extortion. His bail is set at $50,000,00.00.

Catholic. Priest Father Jean Claude Jean-Philippe was arrested on charges of rape. When the victim went to senior clergyman Silverio Rueda about it, she reported (in sworn testimony) to investigators that he told her she had been “touched by God.” Jean-Philippe has allegedly confessed to rape; Rueda denounced the victim as a liar.

Presbyterian. A lawsuit was filed recently against Rev. Dr. William Weaver by multiple male victims. The lawsuit claims Weaver told them all in separate counseling sessions that they had demons and he would use an ancient method of exorcism to extract the demons from them. Then he would perform oral sex on them.

Apostolic. A medical examination of a 25-year-old mental patient (with the understanding of a 12-year-old) found evidence of penetration after a visit to the home of a local pastor. Pastor Anderson Martin II, was indicted on sexual assault charges. Martin claims he was just showing the man how to take a bath.

Think About it…

Never allow any situation in your church that could be opportunity for anyone (regardless of their position) to abuse another.

Don’t deny it could happen at your church.

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