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Family is important to many; it sure is to us. My grandparents (Maple and Cecil Chinn) had 12 children. Dad, born in 1921, was the 2nd oldest of 11 to survive past infancy. After WW II, those 11 children began to marry and have their own children. By the 60’s, their kids were having children. By 1961, we began getting together each year for a family reunion. We’ve had one every year since, sometimes with over 120 Chinns and friends all together.

But things change. Dad, and most of his generation are gone now. So, my wife and I started a new thing. Last week was the first reunion with just our family (my wife and I, and our direct descendants). With just us, our 5 children, their spouses and our grandchildren, all 31 of us came together in one place for a reunion. It was a much-needed time for all of us. One big Chinndig.

Adding up the ages of ourselves, children and grandchildren, we represented over 600 collective years of family experiences. You don’t have that much life representation without having good and hard times. A reunion is a time to laugh about many things, cry about some, learn some, pass some on and plan new things.

But we do it together. That’s what families do.

Think about it…

The most ancient writings emphasized the family concept. The Father. Adam, Eve, Cain & Abel. Noah and his family. The families of Job, Joseph, Abraham and David. Christ and His bride.

The biblical family is under direct attack from evil and has been since the first family. That evil works to weaken, redefine, diminish and chip away at the institution of family, with the only goal to destroy it. The ocean behind our family in the picture is symbolic of that relentless driving and powerful attack.

My plea today to every security and law-enforcement professional reading this is to focus first on your own family. Protect against the real dangers. Just like prioritizing protection at your church; don’t get so focused on intruder protection of your house that you don’t take time to strengthen the character of the home.

As you serve your church, serve with understanding the importance of church family. Stand ready to protect, but not at the cost of failing your duty in relationships.

By the way, happy Father’s Day.

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