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I hope I am wrong in what I am about to say. I prayed to be wrong. I want you to pray I am wrong. For the past several weeks I have felt that an attack on an American church is coming soon that will be of, if not beyond, the scale of some of the worst we have seen. And we’ve seen some bad ones.

While praying to be wrong, we must be ready.

The response to our annual security summit announcement has been so overwhelming I am repeating it before the early discount ends tomorrow. Make sure to register by midnight Monday 6/3/19 to save $26.00 off the registration costs.

The 2nd annual Faith-Based SOS (Security Operations Summit) will be on the 26th(Friday) and 27th(Saturday) of July in Colorado Springs. Last year we had people from 27 states. By the end of the 2nd week of registrations this year, we already saw 17 states represented. The only bad thing is that Motels in the area noticed the influx and prices are going up fast.

Charl van Wyk kicks things us off as the opening keynote speaker. Charl was a missionary in Africa when four terrorists came into their sanctuary with AK-47’s and grenades. The Sunday evening service became a site of carnage. Though 11 died in the first seconds of the attack, it was Charl shooting back with a snub-nosed .38 revolver that put the coward terrorists fleeing. Charl said later,

“The only person who can make any difference when faced with a violent attacker is the person who is right there, right then.”

In the 17 topics addressed in last year’s event not one regarded armed defense (aside from occasional comments). SOS 2019 has an obvious theme on the importance of intervention capacity, including armed readiness.

Think About it

It is no mistake that you see topics regarding responsibly armed defenders in the 2019 SOS line up. We’ve never focused on firearms but feel an urgency as never before to see teams truly prepared. We are putting a lot into that serious subject this year.

We hope to see you at this gathering of America’s leading faith-based defenders. To read more information on the event click the button below.


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