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Annual Summit of Faith-Based Defenders

At the heart of every great endeavor are the people who make it happen. There is nothing like them coming together in an event setting to symbolize the sincerity and improve the professionalism of that endeavor.

In 2018, the FBSN (Faith-Based Security Network) held the first summit type event for the people involved in the church security endeavor. 222 people came from 27 states to hear speakers who were experts in one of the many aspects of security operations in a faith-based environment. The need for such a summit was obvious and now the 2nd annual Faith-Based SOS (Security Operations Summit) has just been announced. In the first 24 hours of this year’s announcement, registrations came in from 6 different states. In the days since, more have been added.

Charl van Wyk will set the tone as the keynote speaker. Charl was a missionary in Africa when four terrorists came into their sanctuary with AK-47 rifles and grenades.

That Sunday evening service became the site of a horrible mass-casualty event. But it was ended quickly because of one man with a small .38 revolver who chose to shoot back (a story largely ignored by American media). Though 11 died in the first seconds of the attack, it was Charl shooting back that put the terrorists fleeing.

Charl says, “The only person who can make any difference when faced with a violent attacker is the person who is right there, right then.”

That statement is the very definition of why most serve their fellow faithful in the duty of protection.

The focus of the SOS event is to encourage, equip and engage responsible defenders of the faithful across America. Many other nationally recognized speakers will follow Charl in the two-days of intensive presentations and break-out sessions related to this great endeavor. Those presentation and break-out session leaders are all experts in specific parts of security ministry.

Think About it

Consider coming to the SOS event on July 26th and 27th this summer. There is no place like Colorado to be in late July; bring your family and combine it with a vacation in our majestic mountains.

We hope to see you at this gathering of America’s leading faith-based defenders. To read more information on the event click on the link below.

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