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The FBSN is a network of security and law enforcement professionals dedicated to continuously improving security of faith-based organizations.

Times are serious for churches and faith based organizations around the world. In America, we had let our guard down in an ideology that God was different here than the rest of the world; that evil would never invade our sanctuary.

The time for denial is gone; evil has invaded our sanctuaries and will continue to do so. It is time to take individual ministry readiness to the next level.

FBSN has members in 40 states & Washington D.C.

The Faith Based Security Network, Inc. (FBSN) is a 501(C)(3) public charity. The FBSN goes beyond individual preparedness as the first faith-based security association to bring together the people of all types and locations of ministries as a national connected network. Not only is the time of denial gone, but it’s time to stop being silos of information.

​The guiding values of the FBSN are transparently, unapologetically and invariably Christ-centered. We believe it is right for His church to lead the way for security in standing against evil as that is the very model of Christ (Romans 12:9). We invite all faiths to join us in this endeavor to stand against the tangible evil we have seen repeatedly strike the innocent in Houses of Worship of all faiths. We do not proselytize or apologize, but we will protect and share best practices of stopping and overcoming evil with other faiths who sincerely seek answers.

The FBSN is a member-owned organization serving faith-based security and involved law-enforcement professionals with 5 services critical to strengthening faith based security.

Upcoming Events

FBSN Regional Event @ Charis Bible College
Aug 24 @ 9:00 am – 1:30 pm

The Woodland Park Police Department is bringing the annual safety event back to the Teller County area faith-based community. 

We may be above the clouds, but we are grounded in reality. One reality is that bad things can and do happen; even in the safest of places.

The Woodland Park Police Department is sponsoring our annual faith-based community safety event at the Charis Bible College again this year. The primary speaker will be Carl Chinn; President of the Faith Based Security Network. Other speakers will be Miles DeYoung (Woodland Park Police Chief) and Decisional Shooting Laser trainer, Rick Hunt (Retired CSPD Officer).

Please join us on Saturday August 24th at Charis Bible College, from 09:00 AM to 1:30 PM. Lunch will be served as part of the ticket cost, all of which is only $20.00. The schedule is as follows;

08:30AM  – Doors Open

09:00 AM – Carl Chinn; “Lessons Learned From the New Life Church attack.”

10:15 AM – BREAK

10:30 AM – Carl Chinn; “Ten Things Every Church Program Should Have.”

11:30 AM – Miles DeYoung; “How The Woodland Park Police Department Can Help.”

12:00 – 12:45 LUNCH

12:45 – 1:30 PM: Rick Hunt: An Interactive Time of Decisional Shooting Laser Training


Click here to register!

Littleton Police Department Citizen’s Academy
Aug 26 all-day

More info coming soon!

ASIS Annual Event @ McCormick Place
Sep 8 – Sep 12 all-day

As a member of the ASIS House of Worship Council

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The FBSN is a national network of local individuals and chapters. It is a framework for developing, advancing and connecting local professionals with those in their area and beyond. There are many coalitions springing up across the U.S. The FBSN does not replace them, but rather connects them as chapters. The FBSN will assist new regions in chapter development, and allow individuals to tap into the national momentum and resources if there is no chapter in their area.


The FBSN collects data on operating budgets, team profiles, most common incidents and other measures to help teams compare operations and recognize normal in this relatively new movement of faith-based security.

Best Practices & Resources

The FBSN collects best practice ideas from members, then forms them into one-page documents. Knowing what works well for others is the first step towards building a plan specific for any ministry. Knowing vetted and seasoned vendors and resources proven by others is an important step as well.

Threat Intelligence

The FBSN works to develop and improve methods for discovery, documentation and dissemination of current threats. The faith-based safety coalition of Colorado Springs has done this since 2008 with many cases of success. FBSN operations are modeled on the successful methods of the Colorado Springs area pioneering partnership of law-enforcement and ministries.

Public Policy

The FBSN campaigns for legislation applicable to the safety and security operations of ministries. Some jurisdictions still have stiff laws requiring licensing that may work for large churches, but small churches with little or no funds are unduly burdened by the mandates. The FBSN cares about those small churches.


Please consider becoming a member of the FBSN. To do so, visit the membership page on this site.